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Pivot RAIZIN Volt Stabilizer Spark Red

Pivot RAIZIN Volt Stabilizer Spark Red
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Pret: 300.00 Lei
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Model: RAIZIN Spark Red
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  Until now, due to various types of load resistance and interference at the contact terminals, fuses, contact points and cords in the electric circuitry on the way to the ignition coil, major loss occurred and optimum combustion did not take place. To help solve this the Raizin Spark utilizes a new approach in voltage stabilizer devices for ignition coils that brings out 100% of your ignition's performance by providing point blank power to the ignition coil via connection to our specially designed circuitry. This in turn gives you dramatic improvement in engine performance from optimum ignition to ideal combustion.

Easy-installation to connect the interior fuse box.

Type S can be easily wired by a one-touch connection to the interior fuse box (ignition). It is also possible to switch the power between +B (normal power) and IG+ to match your car model setup. Moreover, peace of mind comes in knowing that the unit is equipped with a delay circuit to avoid trouble caused by power bursts during battery recharging when using IG+ ON.

Newly Designed Honeycomb Condenser.

Our exclusive newly designed condenser, which includes honeycomb shapes in various places, has superior frequency response characteristics that help to bring about incredible noise reduction and results in more stabilized voltage, as well as, achieves both optimum high frequency wave responsivity and improvement in electrical capacitance.
Interior Installation.
1.There are some model cars for which this product cannot be connected, has not been checked for wiring compatibility or for which due to the car's wiring there was a lack of results.
2.Please do not attempt to connect a similar product in the same way as our product, or install this product to a car for which the product is not compatible. Doing so may cause damage to your car's parts.

Test Car : HONDA Odyssey RB1
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