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Simota Universal Electric Supercharger 225W

Simota Universal Electric Supercharger 225W
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Pret: 700.00 Lei
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Model: Supercharger 225W
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The Simota Electric supercharger can be fitted universally to ANY EFI (fuel injection) car. All out kits come with full fitting guide and operator’s manual. The Simota is way ahead of the competition offering maximum performance gains that its competitors can’t even come close too

5 to 20 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than any other device claiming to be like it, the original and patented e-RAM electric supercharger is the ONLY bolt-on electrically-powered supercharger that delivers an average 5% horsepower gain on virtually ANY internal combustion engine.

  • 1 PSI NET BOOST (measured on the intake at wide-open throttle)
  • Up to 15 more horsepower GUARANTEED! (see Guarantee/Warranty page for details)
  • 5% more horsepower through the entire RPM range!
  • Safely draws over 833 WATTS from the battery when activated at full-throttle!
  • Using over 62 AMPS, only the e-RAM uses our proprietary 1.2HP electric motor!
  • Only the e-RAM flows 800 CFM! (unrestricted air-flow)

Each Electric Supercharger Kit contains everything you need to install the Simota on virtually ANY internal combustion engine!

  • 1 filtru de aer sport care se poate spala periodic
  • 2 adaptoare siliconice
  • 2 inele adaptoare
  • 1 turbo venitilatorul 14A / 12V (complete with connectors, power relay unit, and micro-switch)
  • Step-by-step product installation guide with pictures included

Note: Rubber adapters can mount on any round or oval intake from 2.0" to 3.5" Dia.)

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